About Me

I am the mommy of two spunky, messy, sweet, silly, and stubborn little boys. I am the wife of a thoughtful, creative, patient, smart, and loving husband. I love eating outside. I rarely make it through the day without a Dr. Pepper. I love the rain. I love traveling and have been blessed with many travel opportunities. I have been able to explore India, New Zealand, the Maldives, Spain, France, England, Italy, Greece, and Antigua. I look forward to exploring more countries and cultures and creating new memories. I am also an adrenaline junky and have enjoyed skydiving, bungee jumping, and zorbing.

Most importantly, I love documenting all of the little moments in my life; I don't wait for a big one. Usually it's the times you don't consider important enough to photograph that melt your heart later. Just as I capture these little moments for my family, I hope to be able to do that for you and yours. Smiling faces with everyone looking at the camera serve their purpose (and I always grab a few of those), but it's the photos that truly reflect each individual's personality and the family's personality that give me butterflies.