Good-bye 2011, Hello 2012

2011 has been quite a year personally and professionally! Not only did my family grow by one adorable boy, but I spent a lot of time focusing on improving my photography skills.

 I decided to show some "then and now" photos. Looking at these photos makes me even more thankful for all of those who were willing to be my guinea pigs before I officially started out in photography as well as the clients who have stuck with me through my growth. Good thing my subjects are so cute in my earlier photos!

I look forward to learning more new things this coming year and I also look forward to this year being the first year that I am able to accept clients all year long since in 2011 I took a third of the year to spend time to my son.

Here goes nothing...






The Kemps said...

You were ALWAYS great - you're just even better!

Joe and Shannon said...

I love seeing the progression!

The Philosopher's Bride said...

WOW! Fantastic job! You just keep getting better!

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