Just Adore is a new blog that was started by Ashlee Nicole of Ashlee Nicole Photography. Since there are so many blogs about wedding photography she wanted to start one that features maternity, baby, children and family photography. She says, "There are many, many talented people out there with amazing ideas and products that should be shared with more than just their mothers and best friends. We wanted to create a space where people can get inspiration and share their work with other people from around the world! Hopefully this page will grow and you will find something new and exciting that you just adore."

I am so delighted and flattered to be the first photographer selected to have a session showcased! The session is Mommy-to-be-M. I loved the session because M was so carefree and adventurous, even at the end of her pregnancy. The location was perfect, the lighting was perfect, and M was perfect! She carried that Baby B so well!

You can see the showcase here.


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