I am now offering a new type of session - a newborn hospital session! Please be aware that this is NOT a birth photography session. With two young children at home, I am not in a position to be on-call and available 24/7 for labors and births nor could I leave my children (especially while I am nursing) for long labors. The newborn hospital session would take place in your post-partum room. It will typically last 30 minutes and will include photos of the baby by itself (fingers, toes, face, etc.) and relationship photos (baby with Mommy, Daddy, siblings). This is a natural environment session and will not include any props. If you're interested, contact me at info@noellemacgregor.com or 832.303.2214. Although only scheduled c-sections and inducements will know a solid "due date" you should still schedule in advance so that your expected due date can be added to my calendar. The session is $100 unless you are adding the session onto a traditional newborn session. If so, you get  25% off and it will only cost $75.

Here are a few photos to give you a little taste. Although color photos are available, most people tend to prefer black and white photos for this type of session. This selection is just a few samples and does not include photos with Mommy or Daddy or close-ups of body parts. Again, this will be part of your session.


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